Welcome to Winghorn Media

As I start up Winghorn Media, it’s time to reflect on how I got here and what I plan to do from now on.

Every now and then, somebody tells me that people can either have technical skills or they can have creative skills, but never both – the old right brain, left brain theory. This is, of course, utter nonsense.


I will admit, however, that it’s not too common to find someone who excels at both, though if you are looking for such a person you’d be advised to go find a good technical copywriter.

Turning the complex workings of machines, processes and chemical reactions into something that can be understood and digested by non-specialists  is a difficult task. For one thing, if you want to explain an idea you first need to have a decent understanding of it yourself.

Training to be an engineer or a technician can take years of hard graft, and even though you won’t need to go as in-depth in order to produce an article or piece of content, you will need to gather together all the relevant information incredibly quickly.

As well as this, taking these ideas and concepts and breaking them down for others to make sense of can be a monumental writing challenge. Turning dry technical ideas and complicated engineering projects and making them not only easy to read but actually enjoyable requires years of practice to master.

And this is where Winghorn Media comes in. I plan to produce high-quality writing, backed up with a sound technical understanding, whether it will be used in a whitepaper, a trade magazine or an article that will be read by the wider public.


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